Bistronomie : 5 top restaurants to discover

You may have already heard the term ‘bistronomie’ while catching your neighbors discussion at a corner café. It simply stands for bistro and gastronomy contraction.

Back in the 1990s, a new concept was emerging. Bored with the haughty atmosphere of 3 stars restaurants or simply to attract new customers with lower prices, experimented Chefs were opening new places that combined friendly atmosphere and high quality food. A simple service was replacing the waiters ballet you could expect in a 3 stars. Also more generous menus dethroned mini-portions that preserved Chefs savoir-faire. A trend both appreciated by families who could eventually afford a dinner with their 3 children and business man avoiding bling-bling, ordered to cut their expenses by the CEO.

Another good reason to try bistronomie, is that bistro IS an institution in France. A place well-known for its simplicity where you feel good and free to speak loud if you want to, where you can taste seasonal food and discuss with the Chef whose’s absolutely passionate about his products & wines.

Since 2009 and the crisis, attractiveness of such places has strengthen. Many experimented and younger Chefs are opening new places every week. Among them, you will find Le comptoir du Relai & L’avant comptoir by Yves Camdeborde, 9 Carrefour de l’Odéon  75006 Paris , as well as  chez l’Ami Jean, 27 rue Malar, 75007 Paris owned by his protégé Stephane Jego who used to work with him at La Regalade. Young Chef Cyril Aveline  also opened Les Bistronomes, 34 Rue de Richelieu – 75001Paris that offers a nice variety of meals and menus. Looking for a traditional French Cuisine, you should go to L’os à moelle, 3 Rue Vasco de Gama , 75015Paris run by Stéphane Schmidt who had worked at Le Crillion. Le Chateaubriand, 129, avenue Parmentier, 75011 Paris, is also a must for bistronomes but you will have to book at least 2 weeks in advance. And I couldn’t resist for a last one that makes 6 top places instead of 5, Le Café Constant, 139, rue Saint-Dominique 75007 Paris owned by Christian Constant, one of our favourite Chef.


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