Le Camion Qui Fume | An American Success Story

How Parisians started loving American Food Truck

Parisians ready to wait more than forty minutes to get a burger. If that’s not love!

The piece of news is so big it travelled to the US and was reported in the New York Times [read the article]. It describes well how food trucks became popular in Paris. French prejudices about American Gastronomy are undoubtedly a bit exaggerated. This is not to minimize Kristin Frederick’s achievement. The Californian lady certainly made a big bet opening Le Camion Qui Fume when facing every kind of push-back. And she won it! Brooklyn-style cuisine found its fans and I am one of them.

Far from fast-food, Le Camion Qui Fume makes a hit with all fresh ingredients hamburgers. The five 5 stars recipes are definitely winning Parisians’ heart. My pick? The blue cheese burger with fries! We love the caramelized onions and Porto notes!

When & Where? A different place everyday! Check here the itinerary.


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