Candies: berlingots, lollipops and roses

Candies recipe by Stephane Glacier

Sweets, roses, lollipops

Attending a one-hour candy class with the Chef Stephane Glacier, he revealed some secrets to make ‘berlingots’, lollipops and sugar roses.

  • 2 lbs sugar
  • 1 1/2 cup water
  • 10 oz glucose
  • tartaric acid syrup
  • flavouring: natural extract or oil (rose, lemon …)

Boil water and sugar until it reaches 250°, add few drops of flavouring, then wait 300° and add 10 drops of tartaric acid solution (half water and half crystalized tartaric acid) per 2 pounds of sugar, then wait 320° and remove from heating. During this step, use a humid brush to clean the edge of the saucepan to avoid crystallization. You can substitute tartaric acid with lemon juice or white vinegar but the mixture will be less stable.

Keep a third of the mixture without colouring. Then add colouring, keep another third. Add more colouring and keep the last third.

Work the candy mixture.

Dispose a sausage shaped of candy paste in the middle, then flank with less coloured and most coloured ones.


Wrap a white candy paste sausage shaped in the candy sheet you just obtained.


Cut in big-sized pieces. If you get one, keep your mixture under heat lamp.

For lollipops, get a sausage shaped of one big-sized piece and insert a stick.

For berlingots, use the lollipop base and cut in bite-sized pieces, making  a quarter-turn rotation (always in the same direction) for each.

For roses, mix your different mixtures and make petals that you will assemble one by one.


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