Lenôtre and the Amateur Cook Dream

Lenôtre is one of this gastronomic temple that symbolizes excellence, elegance and savoir-faire. Why do I love the house more than others? Because of the knowledge transmission spirit perpetuated by the Ecole Lenôtre created in 1971.

Cookery class at Lenôtre

Open both to professionals and amateurs, the school is all about sharing the passion and learning commitments, techniques and methods to achieve excellence in the art of cooking. Amateurs, don’t be afraid to enter the Epicureans palace! Everything is put in place to make you feel good and comfortable in your learning experience. Class sizes are small and make it very easy to access top chefs who are delivering the course.

At the amateurs school, you can choose between two categories: cooking or pastry. And then, you have plenty of themes including menus execution, the use of prestigious and finest ingredients, some classics and variations. It all depends on what you’re aiming to do. In a vast majority, classes are delivered in French. It is possible for non-native speakers to attend those classes as most of it is about learning the gestures and doing it. However, it is more insightful to fully understand the chef instructions. Then, you get two possibilities. First you can attend a class that is delivered in English. There are few but not frequent. So are some macaroons classes. Second, you gather enough English-speaking students to ask for a private class of your choice for the same price. If you’re a small group (more than 6), that’ll be the best option.

I had the opportunity to take two classes already ; both for menus. First time, I went with a friend and we enjoyed it really, really much. Second, was with S. who loves eating but not necessarily cooking. He had a fantastic time and so did I.  The chefs were accessible and friendly. They paid attention to each person and were willing to transmit their passion and knowledge. A next time? Yes and certainly with S. for the mille-feuilles class!

Talking about prices, of course, the dream has a price but stays reasonable for what you get in return. Starting at 40€ for young cooks and 80€ for 2 hours adult class. Most of them are ranged between 115€ and 135* for a 3 hours class.

For what occasion? The absolute gift for an amateur cook!

Practical Information – L’Ecole Lenôtre for Amateurs:

Ecole Amateurs Pavillon Elysée Lenôtre
10 avenue des Champs Elysées, 75008 PARIS
Informations Particuliers : 01 30 81 44 96
Informations Entreprises : 01 42 65 97 66
Ecole Amateurs Paris Porte de Vincennes
22, avenue de la Porte de Vincennes 75012 PARIS
Tel : 01 30 81 44 96
Ecole Amateurs Cannes
63 rue d’Antibes 06400 CANNES
Tel : 04 97 06 67 62





2 thoughts on “Lenôtre and the Amateur Cook Dream

  1. *bonjour! I see you’ve been enjoying some extracurricular activities of late and I definitely approve! Any learning or study whether part time, casual or temporary is so important as it enriches our minds and especially when you say cooking or pastry! I look forward to seeing many more treats on you blog very soon 🙂

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