Pascal Bompay Trophy – first trophy rewarding best catering butchers and amateurs

The first Pascal Bompay Trophy was held on Sunday September 23rd in Sens. Orchestrated by Fabien Pairon, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, the contest welcomed enthusiast professionals and amateurs running in two different categories. Best talents were awarded during an evening ceremony on the same day in Sens town hall.

On the professional side, five teams from all over France made a buffet featuring nibbles, ready-cooked meal, pate en croute and dessert. A great competition to get ready for Meilleur Ouvrier de France contest that is held every 4 years. Congrats to the winners Stéphane Brehier and Benoît Cerisier!

Trophee Bompay-13

Here is a quick look to the winners buffet. Visual and originality are important criteria. But it is really about taste first.

Pascal B Trophy


Pascal Bompay Trophy

Trophee Pascal Bompay-5

Trophee Pascal Bompay-6


The jury was made up of pears and renown professionals including David Bret, Erice Porte, Fabien Foare, Gérard Caballero, Stéphane Duval , Laurence Grégoire and Christopher Quirié.


On the amateur side, passionate cooks did a great job to prepare the best rabbit terrine and tomato coulis. I was one of the happy jury duo with Mitch – one of Pascal Bompay old friend – to taste the different dishes. It’s Danielle Petitpez who won the contest. Well done!

Next annual trophy in 2013!


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