Eat local ! A new label to locate “locavores” tables in Paris

Food scandals are making the news recently in France. First we heard about the 100% beef ©Findus lasagna made with horseflesh, then the rotten meat at ©Quick and lately the ©Ikea chocolate tart suspected to contain excrements (I know that’s disgusting).

If you don’t pay attention, the “franchouillard” – that is said of something typically French – meal that you’ll get at a restaurant or supermarket has already made a tour of Europe if not the world and has nothing really regional into it.

In this climate of suspicions, some restaurants make the difference by offering menus made with local products only. Plus a new label « Des produits d’ici cuisinés ici » has just been created to help us locate those places. This is a first step for “locavores” consumers willing to eat the season and favor local production.

Delivered by the Cervia since February 19th, the label already awarded 50 chefs in Paris and Ile-de-France. Among them, you’ll find Claude Colliot (4e), Le Verre Volé (10e), Pierre Sang in Oberkampf (11e), Le Galopin (10e), L’Epi Dupin (6e)… So no time to waste, for those eager to taste savory and seasonal meals, run to Saveurs Paris IDF website to find the map of awarded restaurants and glance for the label below :

Label_produits d'ici cuisinés ici

Alternately, if feel like being the chef of your “locavore” table, you might find here fresh and local fruits and vegetables delivered directly from the farm to your place (Paris 14th, 15th, 16th) to cook delicious home-made meals.


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