Briochine : a new cake design shop in Paris

Briochine spent several months in North America to get a certificate for cake designer before coming back to France. Willing to share her passion for artistic cakes and pastries, she opened a shop in Paris to make delicious cakes and teach cake design to both professionals and amateurs.


For Gastronomiz 1-year anniversary and the launch of the new mystery box ‘Les P’tits Gourmands’ dedicated to little cooks, some food bloggers and I were invited to take a workshop with her. Why a cake design class ? Is it only for children ?

Cake design is quite new in France – at least with the sugarpaste technique. But with Briochine telling us about the different types of paste that could be used (sugar, almond, chocolate), I suddenly realized we already uses some of them to decorate cakes or sweets ; particularly with chocolate and almond figurines. Sugarpaste simply offers new possibilities.

My first thought was that cake design was made for children dreaming of a princess or pirate cake for their anniversary. Some of the food bloggers I follow already had done some for their kids, nieces and nephews. A chat at work confirmed grown-ups also loved it. I was amazed to hear about the super anniversary of the friend so happy to get a cake decorated on his favorite theme : the army. The cake was hidden in a camouflage dress –  how cool is that?

That was enough to convince me : cake design is terrific. Moreover, it has the one ingredient the most important of all while cooking for others : it gives happiness to the people you’re doing it for. Working with sugarpaste is difficult so I don’t expect to become an expert very soon. However, next time I’ll cook for or with friends and family, I’ll certainly try it again.


Strongly recommended :

  • Stop by Briochine shop, 17 rue des Ecouffes, Paris 4th and taste one of her delicious pastries or take a workshop on cake design.
  • Offer a box ‘Les P’tits Gourmands’ to your kids, nieces or nephews and share with them an afternoon of cooking.



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