Alain Milliat restaurant launches communal dining tables

Communal dining table alain milliat-4

I already told you about the great evening we had at Alain Milliat restaurant in Paris 7th few month ago. Now the restaurant offers communal dining tables once a month. The place feets perfectly with a downstair room opened on the kitchen where you can observe chef Jon Irwin and assistants cooking.

Communal dining table alain milliat-3

I tried the first of a series occuring each month on a different theme. We had the chance to meat Alain Milliat and to taste new juices flavors such as litchi, apple & quince… Very good indeed. Diner was excellent. Beef perfectly cooked. The only downside was the fixed menu didn’t feet for specific diet. My vegetarian friend was unlucky tonight :(.

A quick look to the menu :

Communal dining table alain milliat-2

Communal dining table alain milliat-5

Gambas, humous and cuncumber

Communal dining table alain milliat-6

Beef, béarnaise emulsion, raspberry, fennel and broad bean

Communal dining table alain milliat-7

Mascarpone, coffee meringue, coffee granita, mandarin jelly

If you’d like to take a seat to the next table, note the next communal dining table will be around Champagne and will takes place on Wednesday 3rd of July. See you there 😉 !

Communal dining table alain milliat

Starter/Main dish/Cheese/Dessert : 38€

Information and booking on : +33 (1) 45 55 63 86


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