Going one month without chocolate (week 1)

To be chocoholic or not to be chocoholic ?

Before taking on the challenge, I compared my chocolate addiction to tobacco. About ten years ago, I quitted smoking. I’d never been a big smoker but still, I smoked every day. It was really about my social lifestyle.  All my friends were smoking and I loved to share those ‘smoking moments’ with them. I enjoyed the act of smoking too. But I didn’t like thinking I could die earlier because of it and that it could lead to major health risks. That thinking was the only reason I wanted to quit. Smoking was good and fun. I was convinced not smoking would mean having less fun. In fact, it wasn’t. However, habits and beliefs are powerful. Changing my perception about smoking required I changed my habits and beliefs. Particularly the belief that I could have as much fun within community without cigarette – plus avoid the trouble of getting outside in the cold during the winter.

This first days of not eating chocolate were easier than I expected. I thought my addiction was stronger. In fact, I felt it easier not to eat chocolate at all than having to resist another bite.  I didn’t buy any chocolate so there is no temptation at home. I hadn’t to make such an effort at work neither. Once this week, I almost forgot about my challenge at a welcome breakfast. I was very close to get one of this beautiful cookies with big chocolate chunks. At the last-minute, I remembered it was forbidden. Not forbidden in a bad way actually. Like a relief in fact. I was glad I would not have a cookie as it was part of the challenge.  And I was actually not hungry.


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