Going one month without chocolate (week 2)

This is the end of week 2 and I think this challenge is more and more beneficial.

Sometimes, I melt for appetizing chocolate cakes and pastries in window display. I just don’t succumb because of the challenge. I’m sure I’ll be happy to get one when it’s over.  But the true benefit is that I miss less and less chocolate that goes with coffee after the meal (a French habit?). My hunger is now satisfied whereas chocolate whetted my appetite as one bite always called another one.

To help me not craving, I eat lot of fruits: bananas, apples, strawberries… All of them are great allies. Also once this week, I indulged myself a fantastic yogurt, pistachio and strawberry ice-cream cup at Amorino that definitely pleased my inner glutton. Not forgetting the traditional Sunday’s croissant.

On Monday, I made a fun discovery while surfing on the web. I had a good laugh reading the adventures of some tremendous bloggers that I just found out took on a similar challenge they called “Stronger than chocolate”. It’s good to feel you’re not alone! It’s also just good doing it.


2 thoughts on “Going one month without chocolate (week 2)

  1. Well done you! Looks like you’re doing really well. Are you feeling better for it?
    I think chocolate after a meal is quite common – we do it here in England too, usually after supper (or at least in my household!).

    • Thanks for the international support ;). I actually really feel better for it because I thought I couldn’t do it. It helps me keep a balanced diet. So it’s all good so far!

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