Going one month without chocolate (week 3 & 4)

Going one month without chocolate. That still sounds crazy to the chocoholic I am. I was. It is some of those small victories that mean great happiness. No exaggeration.

During that month I learned I used to have the same consumption as the world biggest consumers that are British, Swiss and Germans. Notice they’re all in Europe. Each of them eat an average of 11 kilograms (24 pounds) of chocolate a year. Fun fact, chocolate consumption and number of Nobel prizes reveals a strong correlation according to  a paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine. I feel much clever now.

Honestly, the experience wasn’t as tough as I imagined it. Probably because it’s summer too. It’s easier when you get a lot of delicious fresh fruits to satisfy sweet cravings. I have to admit I did one little break. I had one bite of chocolate nougat that went with a coffee once. I was also saved by the bell as about the last days of the challenge, my friend brought me a chocolate cake. I had one slice thinking I was breaking when I realized that in fact the month of challenge was already over. That was good. And I will still love cooking and eating some great chocolate desserts. Although I know next year I don’t want to run for the biggest chocolate eater race…


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