Creamy and healthy pistachio yogurt in 5 minutes

pistachio yogurt bis-2

The first time I heard of soft silken tofu (tofu soyeux) was with my friend Juliette (Les recettes de Juliette). She’s a vegetarian and she always use some unknown ingredients for the rest of us. She told me how silken tofu was amazing for desserts, especially to make low-fat desserts such as chocolate mousse. This product you will find in organic shops. Since I tried it, I usually add it to my shopping list. This and almond butter.

I had few trials with silken tofu in desserts and had unequal results. I found pistachio’s a great match. This recipe is extremely quick and easy. I tried to keep it relatively low kcal (230 kcal/serv.). Also I added as low sugar as I could. But feel free to add more pistachio or sugar as you like.

Ingredients  (4 servings)

  • 500g/17,6oz soft silken tofu
  • 55g/1,9oz unsalted blanched pistachios
  • 40g/1,4oz sugar
  • 2 teaspoons of almond butter

pistacchio yogurt


In a mixing bowl, mix pistachios, sugar and almond butter.

Add silken tofu. Mix it well.

Serve in four yogurt pots.

Cover and refrigerate if you want to keep them for later.

pistachio yogurt bis-3


8 thoughts on “Creamy and healthy pistachio yogurt in 5 minutes

    • Yes actually. I’m so greedy, I usually have one right away which is ok because the tofu is still cold. However, you might want to refrigerate the yogurts before serving if you want to keep them for later.
      See you tonight 🙂 !

  1. I was so curious as to what the recipe would be for this, clicking in from FoodGawker… I LOVE how you use tofu in this!! What a great idea!! I just made chocolate tofu mousse a few weekends ago and it was so good, I know this will be just as delicious too 🙂

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