Business lunch and more at Saturne restaurant, Paris 2nd

saturne restaurant front

It’s Christmas time and if I would love to spend more time in my kitchen, it is a very intense working flow. The good thing about this period is that it’s also time for celebrations and traditionnal Christmas lunch with co-workers. This year, we trusted the expert of Paris 2nd in the team and went to Saturne restaurant. We had an amazing lunch. The place is pleasant. The food is excellent and portions are the perfect size. It was a long time I hadn’t have such a great culinary experience. Chef Sven Chartier is a rising star and was nominated creative chef of the year at Omnivor show in March 2013. He just makes the perfect match of natural products and sophisticated flavors combinations.

Saturne La Carte

Saturne, la carte

Dessert are worth the try. Lately I’ve been disappointed with restaurants that do not invest much time and energy in making dessert. And this is too bad as this what you eat at last. Today, it was both delicious and original. The three dessert featured a vegetable in the recipe : carrot ice-cream (the easy one you can see below), Jeruzalem artichoke ice-cream served with chocolate and potatoes and hay associated with pears. I love mixing savors and discover new combinations. This was really an excellent surprise.

The must: the honey madeleine cakes served with coffee. Just to taste that, you should make sure to have coffee or tea before you leave. I’ll definitely try to make them at home.

Saturne starter

Raw fish and oysters, cauliflower


Fish and scallops, seasonal vegetables


Carrot ice-cream, iced cottage cheese, sea buckthorn cream and crunchy crumble

For a business lunch, the 37€ menu is excellent. Only one lowlight, it’s closed on the weekend.

Le Saturne
17 rue Notre-Dame des Victoires
Paris 2nd
Tel : +33 (1) 42 60 31 90
Closed on Saturday and Sunday
lunch 37/55/69€
dinner 60€

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