The Parisian Lifestyle Starring in Bingo Games


The city of love and lights is known all over the world for its delicious food and great fashion houses, and lately, Paris has also become a common setting in video games. Appearing in games from a variety of genres, including Gran Turismo, Tomb Raider, and even Onimusha, the beautiful city has often lent itself well as a backdrop to famous games.

But recently, we’ve also seen a trend: Paris has become a rising star in bingo games. Themed bingo and slot games have become all the rage nowadays, as many people have begun to reject the idea of basic, unimaginative formats as well. For the longest time, Ancient Egypt had been the most preferred theme, as even Iceland Bingo hosts 3 Egyptian-themed games on their website. Recently, however, we’ve seen a host of new Paris-themed games pop up.

Late last year, Zitro Interactive released a game called “Last Bingo in Paris”, putting extra emphasis on portraying the wonderful city in the best way it could. “The city of light wakes up to the wafting aromas of croissants and freshly brewed café au lait,” they explain. “Through the different games of Bingo we can almost feel like we know the city from a distance: the Bastille, the Eiffel tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and Notre Dame are within your reach.”

But no other attempt comes as close as Lauren M. Wong’s portrayal of the city in her art for “Let’s Go Bingo”. Capturing the busy city streets of Paris in an art style that seems to have become quite popular with online bingo players, the game tasks its players with marking off symbols of the Parisian lifestyle on their bingo cards. Symbols include glasses of wine, beautiful foliage, and fashionable clothing.

Paris has, of course, not been oblivious to this trend. A few years ago, it surprised the world by opening its own video game museum, showing that while the city is now becoming more popular in video games, video games haven’t been forgotten in the city either.


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