VizEat: please take a seat at my table

Community table Vizeat_002

Dine with people you don’t know and share a table for an unforgettable moment, that’s the purpose of VizEat. The Tinder for foodie friendship.

Internet changed the way we travel. Hospitality sector has dramatically transformed. It is now community-driven based on comments and ratings. Sharing services are exploding. For my next trip to Marseille, I book a room in a house of 4, share a car from my hometown to destination and have a meal with local inhabitants on site.

These new web communities are excellent opportunities to live unique experiences and meet with locals. And if you might be reluctant to improvise a homestay accommodation (no space/no extra-bed), hosting a brunch or diner could be much easier. “Table is the first social network” say in unison Jean-Michel Petit and Camille Rumani, the co-founders of the website. Whatever the meal you offer, you just need a table, little imagination and strong will to start.

Our VizEat experience

First excitement. For the foodie I am, sharing my table sounded instantly awesome. Then reluctance. My husband didn’t hear it the same way at first. “Isn’t it weird to welcome some strangers at home?” And perseverance. I did subscribe on the website and register my first meal. But then I freaked out. “Will they like our food? Will we be ready on time?” And in the end, VizEaters arrived and magic operated. We finished the meal with four new friends we felt we already knew. Will we repeat the experience? Certainly yes. Will we book a seat at someone else place ? Certainly yes again!

More information on Vizeat:

Want to take a seat my table ? Have a look to the menu here:

Community table Vizeat_001

Community table Vizeat_003


Eat French and become sexy

cheri movie

Yvan Cadiou is certainly never at a loss for words. Both cook and actor at heart, he knows how to run the show. For the semaine du goût (the taste week), he’ll present his nomadic cuisine for 5 days in 5 different Naturalia shops in Paris. Equipped with his cooking briefcase, the travelling cook moves from one place to the other and installs his itinerant kitchen anywhere he goes like in his show J’irai cuisiner chez vous. In Naturalia shops, he feels just like home and goes from shelve to shelve to pick up the product he likes to twist the recipes he’s cooking live. And if Yvan brings the love of good food to the partnership, it’s getting both ways as the organic fresh vegetables and fruits from the store chain are strong fondations of a tasty cuisine.

Because he found in love of the cooking from the street during his numerous travel around the world (particularly in Quebec and the US), he sometimes considers French cooking a bit too conservative. His weakness for Anglo-saxon culture will definitely seduce an international audience that he’ll be happy to welcome at his workshops in Provence. All you will find is the pleasure of sharing a good meal and maybe the secret of “eating French and becoming sexy” as he loves to say.


  • 14 octobre : NATURALIA 2, rue du Jourdain – 75020 Paris (métro: L11 jourdain)
  • 15 octobre : NATURALIA 21, bd des Batignolles – 75008 Paris ( métroL 2, 13| Rome, Place de Clichy )
  • 16 octobre : NATURALIA 84, rue Beaubourg -75003 Paris (métro L 11 | Arts et Métiers)
  • 17 octobre :NATURALIA 8 rue Lakanal – 75015 Paris (nouveau) (métro: L 8| Commerce)
  • 18 octobre : NATURALIA 6, avenue Sainte Foy – 92200 Neuilly Sur Seine (nouveau) ( métro L1| les sablons, pont de neuilly.)


Yvan Cadiou_001

More information on Yvan Cadiou workshop in Provence :

Cooking Class in Provence Workshop
3453 ancien chemin d’Arles 13690 Graveson
Phone +33 (0)6 63 48 75 75

Summer favorites in Paris and useful links

Paris summer time

Paris is the best in summer. It’s quiet, traffic is back to normal and sun is shinning. July-August is the perfect time to explore the parks, enjoy restaurants with terraces and admire the city without it’s grumpy inhabitants who are anywhere else than Paris.

Here is a list of some favorites & useful links for this summer time :

– It’s sunny, let’s go for a picnic. The river bank is Parisians’ favorite spot but you might also try one of the best picnic spots & provisions in Paris by Paris by Mouth

– It’s too hot. Cool down with a delicious ice-cream. I’ve worked on the best ice-cream in Paris list for you.

– Enjoy a restaurant with terrace following Topito selection or Timeout. Also many restaurants opened on Les Berges de Seine (on the left river bank) including Rosa Bonheur annexe. An excellent spot to have lunch or dinner.

– Don’t miss last days of Paris 1900, The city of entertainment exhibition at Le Petit Palais, until August 17th

– If you’re not afraid of watching a movie in French or with French subtitles, then you should have a look to the outdoor cinema program from La Villette. All movies are in original language with subtitles so you might even find  movie in yours.

Have a great summer!

{French Food Facts} The Fontainebleau dessert story


The Fontainebleau is a delicious and airy dairy dessert. Named from the city Fontainebleau, the dessert was born in the XVIIIth century. One says that during transportation from Fontainebleau to Paris, the cream cheese was beaten by the horse-drown carriage movement on the cobbled streets. And so it created this singular dessert half cottage cheese half Chantilly cream. Since then, the dessert is popular in Fontainebleau. It also delights some Parisians and around inhabitants.

Fruits, jams, honey and other treats goes really well with Fontainebleau. A dessert you might find in dairy shops in Fontainebleau and around or some rare high range shops in Paris.

Business lunch and more at Saturne restaurant, Paris 2nd

saturne restaurant front

It’s Christmas time and if I would love to spend more time in my kitchen, it is a very intense working flow. The good thing about this period is that it’s also time for celebrations and traditionnal Christmas lunch with co-workers. This year, we trusted the expert of Paris 2nd in the team and went to Saturne restaurant. We had an amazing lunch. The place is pleasant. The food is excellent and portions are the perfect size. It was a long time I hadn’t have such a great culinary experience. Chef Sven Chartier is a rising star and was nominated creative chef of the year at Omnivor show in March 2013. He just makes the perfect match of natural products and sophisticated flavors combinations.

Saturne La Carte

Saturne, la carte

Dessert are worth the try. Lately I’ve been disappointed with restaurants that do not invest much time and energy in making dessert. And this is too bad as this what you eat at last. Today, it was both delicious and original. The three dessert featured a vegetable in the recipe : carrot ice-cream (the easy one you can see below), Jeruzalem artichoke ice-cream served with chocolate and potatoes and hay associated with pears. I love mixing savors and discover new combinations. This was really an excellent surprise.

The must: the honey madeleine cakes served with coffee. Just to taste that, you should make sure to have coffee or tea before you leave. I’ll definitely try to make them at home.

Saturne starter

Raw fish and oysters, cauliflower


Fish and scallops, seasonal vegetables


Carrot ice-cream, iced cottage cheese, sea buckthorn cream and crunchy crumble

For a business lunch, the 37€ menu is excellent. Only one lowlight, it’s closed on the weekend.

Le Saturne
17 rue Notre-Dame des Victoires
Paris 2nd
Tel : +33 (1) 42 60 31 90
Closed on Saturday and Sunday
lunch 37/55/69€
dinner 60€